While our communities continue to face generational economic and educational disparities, we are resilient, grounded in the belief that education and training are a direct path to financial independence, better lives and a stronger society.

We celebrate many success stories here at American Indian OIC/Takoda.



Anthony’s life transformed when he discovered American Indian OIC’s Takoda programs while incarcerated. Engaging with Takoda’s SOAR program post-release, he built a resume, gained county benefits insights, and received vital support. Securing a job at Brin Glass, he now enjoys stability, redirecting his life positively.

Anthony’s story showcases the transformative impact of AIOIC/Takoda, proving that dedication, support, and the right resources can lead to a brighter future. His advice: “Be open-minded, patient, and flexible.”



Shorone faced a challenging two-hour commute via light rail and bus for his $15-per-hour job at Dairy Queen after incarceration. Now, at 51, he drives a 2012 Jeep Cherokee to his $24-per-hour construction job, operating a forklift. Grateful for the support from American Indian OIC/Takoda, he earned lift operation certificates, securing better employment opportunities. With assistance in job search, license recovery, and stress reduction, Shorone appreciates the dedicated team, recommending AIOIC/Takoda to others for a brighter future

 “I got good advice here and have been recommending AIOIC/Takoda to others, such as my brother-in-law,” Sharone says. “The team works hard to make sure everybody succeeds. I feel great and know that my future’s bright.” 


“Ammilyn, Fond du Lac band of Minnesota Chippewa and Cheyenne River Sioux, enrolled in Takoda GED program after leaving a suburban Twin Cities high school, where she at times felt unwelcome and grappled with mental health challenges.

Today, GED in hand, Ammilyn credits the attention she received from LeeAnn at Takoda for her diploma. “She kept in touch, making sure I was okay and encouraging me.  She believed in me, and that gave me faith.”

“Five years from now? I plan to be meeting new people and working in the medical field,” Ammilyn says. “All doors are open.”


We’re also proud of our recent Takoda Prep High School graduates. Some of them were featured on social media this spring, sharing their thoughts on their school experience and plans.

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