By WCCO-TV Staff

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — People from more than a dozen Native American nonprofits are calling on state legislators to pass a new bill that would pay for the construction of new community facilities in the Twin Cities.

Groups rallied Friday at the Minnesota State Capitol, asking for nearly $84 million.

The money would be used to build 12 new facilities around the metro that would provide child care, health care, and housing and workforce development.

The groups say, with a budget surplus and federal dollars available, it’s long overdue.

“We stand here before this legislature saying, ‘Empower us with the resources that were derived from the land and exploited labor of the state, to allow us to continue forward doing this work that the city and the county and the state governments can not do,’” Dr. Joe Hobot said, speaking at the rally.

They say expanding services would address disparities in the community.

The initiative is named in honor of Clyde Bellecourt.