Anthony’s life took a transformative turn when he discovered American Indian OIC’s Takoda programs.


Incarcerated at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Rush City, Anthony learned about AIOIC/Takoda from his caseworker, sparking his curiosity and desire for change. He had a pre-release call with a Takoda career counselor and followed up after release, striving to enhance his employability.

Through Takoda’s SOAR program, Anthony created a resume and learned the ins and outs of county benefits and programs. The supportive staff played a pivotal role in Anthony’s journey, helping him secure work boots, successfully complete ServSafe training, strengthen his financial literacy, attain health insurance and food stamps, and explore career opportunities aligned with his skills. He had a dedicated team behind him.

With a polished resume and a certification courtesy of Takoda, Anthony embarked on a successful job search, landing a position as a glass handler at Brin Glass, where he inspects products, ensures safe and timely customer deliveries and operates various machinery.


Anthony’s job is providing stability as he redirects his life away from criminal activities. This newfound financial security allows him to support himself and his family, marking a profound transformation in his life. He sees a future now, with plans to progress in his career and ultimately establish a successful business in landscaping or construction.

Anthony’s advice to those considering AIOIC/Takoda is simple yet powerful: “Be open-minded, patient, and flexible,” he says.

The program offers a diverse array of services and pathways. Anthony’s journey exemplifies how dedication, support and the right resources can pave the way to a brighter future.